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  My mission is to return safety to our communities, provide a thriving business  environment and to secure a bright future for our youth.

I want to work for our communities IN HD 42A 

Why I am running !


This is my home, my stomping grounds, a place I know and a place that knows me. I was here when Plymouth Village became the City of Plymouth eventually becoming the #1 place to live in America. Living here has been safe, quiet, and fun with parks, activities, and schools. I love it here. It is disturbing what has happened in less than a decade. I cannot accept it. Dangerous crime creeps deeper into our lives. There is a lack of focus on academics in our schools. Taxes are rising and the prices of gas, food, and utilities are climbing. I am running because things are not okay and need to change. With your vote and support we can build a brighter future, returning prosperity and safety to our lives.

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This is a difficult time in our communities—a time that calls for principles, fair mindedness, and optimism. I need your help to do my part in St. Paul.


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How do you feel about the crime creeping into your neck of the woods? While we experience the increase in violent crime...Read More

INFLATION • gas • taxes

How is the economy working for you?
Your lost purchasing power for food, utilities, gas, and daily living expenses has far surpassed the nation’s nearly 6%...Read More

education • Schools

Is protecting our kids and their safety a priority in your school? As parents we recognize the urgency to be front and center...Read More


Why Kathy

“Politicians have failed to provide a vision for Minnesota. Many have neglected to listen to what the people want and need. This leads to the lack of trust in politicians, government and institutions.  I will work to restore that trust through listening, being straight forward with the people, and upholding my promises.”

Together, we can win

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